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Your Leadership Ability: Leadership Development for Culture change.

Your Leadership Ability is a  highly structured, 12-module, cost-effective leadership development program that creates a leadership and innovation culture for your organization because it is delivered internally by organizational leaders, who model new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  It is engaging, action-oriented so that participants apply what they learn immediately in their roles as organization and team leaders, and based on leading quantitative and qualitative research. One of the most valuable aspects of this program is that it is integrates with behavior-based leadership competency models and integrates proven communication and emotional intelligence assessment products.

This program is cost-effective.  For a flat license based on the number of employees, you have unlimited access to the entire content for each module for your organization.

This program is flexible. Each module includes a slide deck with facilitator notes, a timed-agenda, and a workbook for participants. All are fully editable. If your organization has a leadership competency model, you can customize any aspect of any module or we will help you customize the modules to incorporate references to your model for a small additional fee. If your organization is currently without a competency model, our consultants can help you adopt a suitable model for your organization.

This program is an engaging culture change. Your leaders deliver the programs. In doing so, they learn new material well enough to facilitate delivery and become able to model new leadership behaviors that have already been correlated with increases in revenue, efficiency, customer retention, and co-worker engagement and retention. This program changes the way people think, feel, and behave so they they will model new behaviors that others observe as the expected way for leaders to behave.  This leads to a culture change and competitive advantage that is impossible for your competitors to copy because the combination of this program's flexibility and delivery by internal people makes it uniquely designed for the needs of your organization.

Participants will learn:

  • leadership and management skills,
  • how to project confidence and trustworthiness,
  • the ability to balance daily operational demands with longer-term strategy plans, and
  • to engage their people to achieve team and organizational growth and adaptability needed to create a strong organizational marketplace competitor.

The focus of the program is on exploring the self as a leader, managing others and teams, and problem solving – both technical and non-technical challenges.   Specifically, this combination out-of-the-box plus customized leadership program aims to:

  • Align people with organizational leadership competencies and a philosophy of mutual trust, respect, and cooperation;
  • Decrease complaints and problems that lead to attrition and even costly lawsuits;
  • Increase customer retention, revenue generation, and project management efficiencies;
  • Develop key leadership behaviors such as coaching and ongoing development conversations that support the engagement, retention, and advancement of the best people;
  • Position people for business growth by enhancing their self-awareness, resilience, and problem-solving abilities; and
  • Connect people more directly to the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of leadership in addition to the ‘what’.

Note: This program allows for the incorporation of functional content such as production, service, sales, etc., unique to your organization including scenarios specific to your organization.

Program Evaluation

We believe that most leadership development programs help individuals, but are not focused on the deeper and more tangible value of organizational performance. Our program does both and we expect that our clients will measure both. Progress and improvement against these measures can be reviewed in three ways:

1.    Program efficiency (e.g. cost/person). 

2.    Program effectiveness (e.g. learner engagement) throughout and at the end of the program.

3.    Impact (e.g. application to the job/business results) using surveys before after participants have had time to apply new skills on the job.


For questions, a description of the 12 modules, or to set up a demonstration, contact Susan@LettermanWhite.com or call 610-331-2539.


1.    Is this program for us?

This program is designed for new to mid-level managers and organizations seeking to change their culture to improve revenue, profitability, employee retention and engagement, and customer retention and satisfaction. It includes foundation content on the most important leadership skills for organization performance. 

2.    What makes your program different from and better than other programs?

There are three main differences between We Design. You Deliver. Your Leadership Ability and other leadership development programs for new to mid-level organization leaders. First, the cost:  If you were to engage a leadership development instructional designer to create this program, it would be much more expensive.  At the low end of the spectrum, an instructional designer would likely charge at least $100/hour for this quality of materials and it would take a minimum of 400 hours, bringing the total cost to $40,000.  If you were to have a leadership consultant deliver a single program, that would cost you between $3500 and $10,000, if not more. Second, the quality: Each module includes fully editable and customizable slides, facilitator notes, workbooks, and a timed-agenda.  The course includes a personal development plan with a leadership assessment to measure levels of proficiency at the start and improvement at the end. It is designed by a results-oriented university professor, who has integrated the use of respected self-awareness tools for emotional intelligence and communication – two critical skillsets for leaders. Third, its design as a culture change tool: As an internally-lead, 6-month, experiential program with projects based on learners’ real-life leadership challenges it will change team and organization culture.

3.    How long is each module?

Each module is delivered in 2 hours, including course-time exercises. In addition, each module has pre-work or post-work, which will take 30 minutes – 1 hour to complete.  Oftentimes, learners will spend more time on post-work because it ties directly into their real-life leadership challenges. It is expected that modules will be delivered every two weeks to ensure learner accountability, engagement, and skill development.

4.    How long does it take for a facilitator to learn the materials?

That depends on the facilitator’s level of leadership knowledge and experience. Reviewing and practicing using the materials to learn the content and develop a comfort with the timing and delivery also depends on the facilitator’s level of experience facilitating experiential programs. Assume that each module will take at least 6 hours of preparation time by the facilitator for effective delivery. One of the responsibilities of the facilitator is to demonstrate leadership skills. These skills will only be developed through practice. This can be use as a developmental stretch assignments for the right facilitator. This is a culture change program. Culture change is takes time for the individuals, teams, and organizations involves.