The 5 tenets of the LWC philosophy of coaching

  1. Coaching clients are motivated students and professionals seeking to address their career-related challenges.
  2. Within every challenge is an opportunity.
  3. Core competencies (a/k/a soft skills) are as important as technical skills.
  4. Coaching addresses career-related challenges through a collaborative process for authentic self-development.
  5. Coaching helps a person understand the context in which they are living and working, notice the opportunities, and prepare to take advantage of those opportunities.

Are you wondering whether training or coaching is the better approach for you?
 Download a Coaching-Training Decision Waterfall

Partnering with individuals and groups to address specific challenges and develop a plan for success

We know how to ask the right questions and listen. Using a process to identify broad desired outcomes, collect data about strengths and weaknesses,  and choose 2-3 specific behavior changes, we work with our clients to design strategic plans, implement those plans, and reflect on outcomes for learning.

Popular coaching topics

  • Career Development and Advancement
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Navigating organizational culture
  • Identifying, developing and marketing a personal brand
  • Improving business relationships and communication with clients and peers
  • Managing, coaching, and training others
  • Building self-confidence and authenticity
  • Developing resilience