LWC Online is a cost-effective, web-based professional development system. It was developed for busy people, looking for training on topics they want, when they want. It's ideal for students, new professionals, and professionals in transition.  Courses include:

  • 6 Steps to Developing, Advancing or Transitioning Your Career
  • Changing When Change is Hard
  • Strategic Communication
  • Developing and Using a Personal Brand 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Projecting Confidence and Trustworthiness
  • Leading Self and Others (coming soon)

To take a free self-assessment and choose a professional development course that is right for you, go to  www.course.lettermanwhite.com and choose the course Challenge: LWC Online Self Assessment. To learn more about LWC Online, watch the video below. To learn more about institutional pricing, email SusanLettermanWhite@gmail to set up a time to discuss options. 

What are your challenge strengths and blockers?

What are your challenge strengths and blockers?

Use this self assessment.

In less than 5 minutes you'll know what's blocking you from success!

Leslie knew it was time to find a new job. The signs were there. After many years working at a large law firm, doing great work that she loved, she was getting messages that without her own clients, her opportunities at the firm were very limited. She decided to find a new law firm that would appreciate her for her good work and not pressure her to bring in as much business as her current firm expected. She knew that she didn't enjoy marketing and business development, but she also knew that she was a fighter and that with sheer determination she could show a new firm that her client loved working with her and the work would likely follow. Once she realized that her default tendency was to approach any challenge like a battle, she began to wonder about other options. She eventually discovered that she would be happier working in-house at a company and that those opportunities were within her reach.

Take the Challenge Assessment now!


·       Figure out how you tend to approach a challenge and decide whether it is helpful or getting in your way.

·       Learn about other options for addressing a challenge.

·       Improve your self-awareness of the connections between how you think, feel, and act.

·       Expand your opportunities for career development, advancement, or transition success.


Q. How long will this self-assessment take?

A. It should take you about 5-10 minutes.


Q. What does it cost?

A. It's free.


Q. Can I ask you questions about my results?

A. Yes. You may email me and I will e-coach you with my response.


Q. What if I need more help with my career?

A. Take a look at 6 Steps to Developing, Advancing, or Transitioning Your Career.


Q. How can I take the challenge self-assessment to find out my blockers now?

A. Click here!

P.S. Leslie was a actual student and client. Your success story can be as great as hers.