Who Are We?

Letterman White Consulting is a training, coaching, and consulting firm for professional service businesses, including law and consulting firms. We deliver data-based solutions for each client’s unique leadership, business development, diversity and inclusion, and strategic performance challenges. 

Our People

Susan Letterman White leads every team of consultants. Susan is an international lecturer, trainer, consultant, university professor, and published author of a book and multiple articles. She is also a former practicing lawyer, law firm managing partner, and chair of a national legal organization dedicated to business development. She holds a JD and a Master's degree in Organization Development. Our consultants, coaches, and trainers are tenacious in helping clients solve their problems, strive to be the best at what they do, and are trusted by our clients because of their credentials and experience.

Our Work

Our consulting, coaching, and training furthers the client’s vision and goals through strategic culture change, process and structure improvement, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and business development.

We are easy to reach for more information, questions, or status updates, at:

SusanLettermanWhite@gmail.com   610.331.2539

Our Approach

We approach consulting, from a theory and research foundation with a pragmatic spin. Our consulting is based on the academic literature in our substantive areas of practice - leadership, diversity & inclusion, and sales & marketing - and adult learning theory. It also incorporates best practices we have learned through experience. Our training and coaching programs are anchored in  Adult Learning Theory and Experiential Education so that participants leave with a strategy to use their newly developing skills.  

We succeed with our clients because of the caliber of our people, the quality of our work, our attitude, and our approach.